Privacy protection collects only (a) non-personal statistical and marketing data about the users of our websites that we use to optimize the user experience on our websites or (b) data that are necessary to provide services to our customers.

Data management

Visitors to our website have the opportunity to choose during the visit which information we may collect in connection with their visit.

First and foremost, these are statistics that we collect using cookies. There is no personal data among them, nor does the in any way seeks to collect and use personal information about visitors to its websites.

The above statistics on users and use of the website serve to improve the user experience of the website as well as the communication, marketing and sales purposes of our websites.

In addition to statistical, through the website, it can occasionally or permanently collect non-personal marketing data on the basis of which visitors will in future be shown personalized ads related to the offers of the may from time to time or permanently make an offer on its website to exchange personal information, such as the name, surname and e-mail address of the visitor, in exchange for educational and other materials and content. In these cases, the exchange is made with the written consent and consent of the visitor.


We use the information provided by our clients exclusively in the way and to the extent necessary to provide services to those clients (compilation of offers and invoices, etc.).

Saving and deleting data

Data on visitors to our website (statistical and marketing non-personal data) and on our clients are available only to employees of the, our associates (eg accounting: only client data) and partners who are contractually obliged to protect the confidentiality of this data.

Visitors to our website and our clients can at any time request an insight into what and if their personal data is available to the via e-mail address